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Welcome to the home page of Tallahassee Area Mensa!

Tallahassee Area Mensa a local chapter of the High IQ Society, American Mensa. The Tallahassee area serves Florida from the Apalachicola River east through Taylor County including part of Madison County and even a bit of Dixie County. Our area is also the only area in all of Florida, Region 10 of American Mensa, to include a portion of Georgia. For a full view of the area we cover, visit our map.

Interested in joining Mensa? The only qualification for membership is a score at or above the 98th percentile on an approved IQ test. There are two different ways you can join. One is by submitting evidence of scores from any of a number of approved intelligence tests that you have already taken, or you can take the Mensa Admission Test. For more information about qualifying to join, visit the Join Mensa page.

Robin's Roost - rest your feathers!

We are now one full month into 2024 and my first month has been busy! We had the other dying trees all taken down in the first week; the electric company came in and put new poles in to accommodate the vertical line orientation that is replacing the current horizontal line orientation; I got sick in the middle of the month and wound up missing the PIG*SIG; my older sister, for the first time in the 44 years I have lived in Florida, finally came down for a visit and we spent a week playing tourist with her. It was a grand time!! One of the places we went, the Marianna Caverns, gave me a shock. I had not been there since before Hurricane Michael, but I have been there MANY times over the years and know it well - until now. It was so changed I would not have recognized the place. Remember the upland forest we hiked through on prior Mensa trips there? The forest is gone. Literally, it is gone. The pictures of the change do not capture the scope of the devastation to the forest. It was very sad for me because while I know the trees will grow back, the odds of that forest growing back within what is left of my lifetime are small. I miss the tree canopy and the cacophony of bird song I used to hear when I walked out there.

February will bring more busy times for me. My friend Don will have his heart valve replacement done this month, so Ray and I and the dogs will pack up the RV and go up there to take him to the hospital, stay with him through the time in the hospital, and after he is discharged we'll drive him back down here so he can be cared for and fed and looked after without him having to drive. He isn't allowed to drive for a week following the surgery. We will bring his car down with us so he can drive himself home after his week of no driving has passed. Towards the end of the month there is a birthday gathering for Ray's birthday that his kids are arranging. All of the kids and their families as well as Ray's siblings will all get together for a weekend of celebration. We will stay in the RV so we can have the dogs with us, everyone else will be staying in a beach house they rented for the occasion.

Those of you who walk the Leon Sinks trail will recall they removed the boardwalk around the one shallow sink. The last time we were there, we saw wood had been piled up in the trees awaiting reconstruction. The pile is still there, but no reconstruction has begun. I hope they rebuild it soon because that was one of my favorite spots to go out and sit over the pool and see all the critters going about their lives in the water.

I was recently informed that our ombudsmen was no longer a member of our group. We hadn't seen him at any events for a while, but that, in and of itself, is not unusual - life gets busy, and people can't always show up for events. Moreover I had not thought to check our membership roster each month to make sure he was still a member. Imagine my surprise (and slight embarrassment) to be informed he was no longer in our group and therefore could not be our ombudsmen. He was the first ombudsmen we had had in decades, and I had forewarned him the position would not require a lot of time on his part. I guess his services never being required, and his no longer being a member without any of us realizing it, kind of underscores what I told him. However, be that as it may, National does prefer that each group have an ombudsman in case there is a need for one. So if anyone out there is interested in holding that position, with the understanding that the duties are exceedingly light, and with the commitment that if you leave the area you please inform me, please let me know and I will be happy to get the process started.

The offer of free house plants still stands. You can even come over and see what is available if you wish to.

Hope everyone survived our recent freezing temperatures and I hope you can join us for dinner this month!


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