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Tallahassee Area Mensa Executive Committee

Local Secretary
Robin Preston

Deputy Local Secretary
Doug Klotter

J.A. "Tinker" Lammert

Appointed Positions

Acting Editor - Robin Preston

Not an officer, just the local webmaster:
Robin Preston

Mensa Minutes for Tallahassee Mensa.
April 14, 2018, 1PM
Location: Village Inn, 1225 E Park Ave, Tallahassee, Florida

Present: Robin Preston, Local Secretary
Douglas Klotter, Deputy Local Secretary (reporting)
J.A. "Tinker" Lammert, Treasurer
Grant Logan, Mensa Member.
Thomas George Thomas, RVC
Pat Wickman, local member.

After welcoming our visiting RVC, Thomas Thomas, and in accordance with tradition, we had lunch first.

The Meeting was called to order (insert restaurant pun here) at 2:10.

Tinker Lammert passed out copies of the treasurers' report, and the details were approved. Thank you Tinker. As of this meeting, the local treasury has $6,229. Our expenses are for the publishing of the MenTally.

The next item open to discussion was the local events over the next few months. Here are the results:
April 21, 11am: Le Moyne Art in the Park. Meet at corner of Calhoun and Park.
May 12: McClay Garden. Meet near visitor center.
May 16: Pig Sig, Sakura Japanese Sushi & Grill.
May 19: Movie night. Robin's Roost. Mel Brooks. (Mel Brooks movies will continue for several months)
June 2: Florida State Museum (the one downtown)
June 20: China Buffett
June 30: Movie Night
July 14: ExcCom meeting, Village Inn (same location)
July 18: Pig Sig, Red Lobster (on N. Monroe) [subsequently changed to Sweet Pea for some lighter fare in the July heat]
July 28: Movie Night

On the topic of Pig Sig locations, there was a comment that we have been spending too much time at the same places. The response is that anyone is free to suggest and recommend alternatives. If any members wish to make suggestions, they should do so. (Personal note: If you do recommend a place, make sure that they can handle a group of up to 12 people or so. We never know how many will show.)

This was the end of what we normally do at ExCom meetings.

At this point, our RVC, Thomas Tomas (TT) was invited to let us know what is going on in the Regional and National Mensa, as well as comment on our local group.

Our current membership is 76, about the same as before.

Our bylaws have not been updated since 2009, and he recommended that we update soon so as to be in line with various changes in the national bylaws. (Nothing earth shattering. Mostly detailed items.)

Our previous attempt at revision was attempted a few years ago, but National did not accept some of the details. No further attempt was made and the revisions did not take effect. There is some talk of taking up this again and revising the bylaws accordingly.

TT had a comment about the local bylaws, in that we require that the newsletter editor be a member of the local group. This lead to a rather spirited discussion regarding the identity of the editor. While nothing was resolved, this topic will be addressed in the future. There may need to be a change in the bylaws or other alternatives. Items to note is that the LocSec defaults to editor if the current editor resigns, and the ExCom is responsible for choosing the editor.

TT then commented on the general local meetings that he has attended and had some comments regarding our group. One such idea is to expand the use of social media within Tallahassee Mensa. It was noted that few seem to want this locally, but it will be considered.

** Question from Minutes Man (me) to the members of Tallahassee Mensa: Do you want more social media use locally? If so, let the ExCom know. Please feel free to volunteer your services to monitor said usage. ;)

The next question put the ExCom board members by the RVC: "Are you happy?" There were mixed responses. (He should have asked right after desert.)

Thomas also let us know that he plans to run again for our RVC. I wish him well.

The meeting ended around 3:30. The restaurant was much quieter then.

Respectfully Submitted

Douglas Klotter

Mensa Minutes for Tallahassee Area Mensa
January 20, 2018, 1PM
Location: Village Inn, 1225 E Park Ave, Tallahassee, Florida

Present: Robin Preston, Local Secretary
Douglas Klotter, Deputy Local Secretary (reporting)
J.A. "Tinker" Lammert, Treasurer
Grant Logan, Member
Anonymous, Newsletter Editor

In accordance with tradition, we had lunch first. This may have been a mistake as I started to doze off near the end. The food was quite enjoyable, although there was an excess of pancakes.

As this is the first meeting after elections, the ExComm chose the responsibilities of the slate of elected members. Results are listed above. Congrats to all.

Choosing dates and locations for the group meetings (outings, PigSig, etc.) took up the next batch of time. While details can be subject to change as circumstances require, this is the projected list of upcoming events.

2/10 LeMoyne Art gallery
2/21 Pig Sig, Little Italy
2/24 Movie Night Matrix II
3/3 Tallahassee Museum (Jr. Museum)
3/21 Pig Sig Red Robin
3/31 Movie Night. Matrix III
4/7 Mc Clay Gardens
4/18 Pig Sig (no location yet)
4/14 ExCom meeting
4/28 Movie Night Details TBD.

A new group sponsored event was discussed. This is the Escape Room. There are details to be worked out, but should be in mid March (3/10?). Sounds like fun! RSVP required!

G. Logan next had the floor to discuss the postal marking details, with regards to the newsletter postings. There are several requirements between Mensa National and the Post Office that drive what goes on the newsletters. For those who would care to know more of the particulars, I suggest that you contact the newsletter editor directly. I'm not.

Tinker then gave us a summary of the treasury, the details of which can be acquired as needed. The bottom line is that our current account amount is $6415.90. Yea!

There were more detailed discussions, but I am keeping the minutes short. Hope you enjoyed them.

Respectfully (ish) Submitted
D. A. Klotter
Deputy Local Secretary
Tallahassee Mensa
Feb 15, 2018

Addendum: Subsequent to the meeting, we have received a request from the Region 10 coordinator, Thomas Thomas. Yes, that is his real name. He is interested in our local group having an active FaceBook page. This would mean daily updates, postings, etc. The current consensus of the ExCom is (briefly) that a FB page would not be of great benefit at this time, but that the topic will be revisited at the next ExComm meeting.
D.A. Klotter

Minutes of the Tallahassee Area Mensa ExComm
In attendance:
M. Robin Preston
J.A. "Tinker" Lammert
Grant Logan
Doug Klotter

Pat Wickman was unable to attend.

The meeting was called to order.

Tinker made sure everyone had received the treasury report and gave a copy to Doug. There was some discussion regarding the challenges of the online bill pay and the inexplicable delay of some of the payments to the post office being processed by the bank.

The timing of the November movie event was discussed. Due to the numerous holidays in Thanksgiving, it was agreed to move the November movie event to Saturday, December 9, with a wish for everyone to enjoy the November holidays.

It was suggested on Saturday, December 2, we meet at the fountain on Kleman Plaza outside the elevators at 3 in the afternoon to enjoy the annual Festival of Lights. We will meet at 3 and enjoy the festival and those who wish to can stay for the parade. The idea was agreed upon and the event was added to the calendar.

The November PIG*SIG is set for Ruby Tuesday on November 15.
December PIG*SIG is set for Longhorn Steakhouse on December 20.

Discussion followed about the group outing to St. Marks in November. It was agreed we would meet at 11 at the parking lot by the lighthouse. The event is set for November 4, which is the weekend after the Butterfly Festival, but there should still be lots of butterflies, migratory and winter resident birds, and the beautiful hiking trails to enjoy in the fall weather. Walking shoes and binoculars are recommended.

Discussion then turned to January events which will include a group outing to McClay Gardens on January 6; the PIG*SIG on January 17, the next ExComm meeting on January 20 (which will be the first meeting of the new Executive Committee), and the movie event on January 27.

A general reminder was made about the election and everyone was encouraged to vote. Robin expressed her gratitude to Pat for serving over the past two years in spite of numerous challenges she was facing in her life, and appreciation for those who are stepping up to serve or continuing to serve in any capacity. The group depends on volunteers to keep functioning and she wanted everyone to know how much she appreciates their willingness to help.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
M. Robin Preston, standing in for Pat Wickman

Tallahassee Area Mensa ExComm Meeting
August 12, 2017, Village Inn Restaurant

The meeting was called to order at 1:22 PM. Present were Robin Preston, LocSec; and Patricia Wickman, Asst. LocSec/Secretary.

Old Business.

The Minutes of the previous ExComm Meeting having been distributed digitally and accepted, they were approved

The Minutes of the previous Treasurer's Report having been distributed digitally and accepted, they were approved

The LocSec reported that the TAM Field Trip to the Marianna Caverns was a successful and enjoyable day. Nine members turned out to view the beautiful natural formation and to share a lunch before returning to Tallahassee. The consensus was that this should be an annual event.

New Business.
TAM has been notified by National that we have been given an award for the second year in a row. This year, it was a Jewel Award, Class V, Ruby Level (for groups with fewer than 100 members), honoring the quality and quantity of activities and accomplishments for members of TAM. The award was made at the 2017 American Mensa Annual Meeting held in Hollywood, FL earlier this year. TASM thanks its very active LocSec, Treasurer, and Anonymous Editor for their excellent work on behalf of all of us.

Dates for forthcoming events on the TAM calendar were set as follows. Please consult the official Calendar in the newsletter to confirm details.
Movie Night: Saturdays, August 19 and September 30, 2017
PigSIG: Wednesdays, August 16 and September 20, 2017
Special Event: Saturday, September 9, 2017 a visit to The Challenger Learning Center for either a Planetarium Show or an IMAX movie.
ExComm Meeting: Saturday, October 14, 2018
Mark your calendars and come on out and join us for these events.
Let's earn another award!

No other business being put forward, the meeting was adjourned by a Motion and Second from Pat Wickman, at 1:40 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Patricia R. Wickman, Ph.D.
Asst LocSec/Secretary

TAM ExComm Minutes, 4/8/2017

The Meeting took place at the Village Inn on Apalachee Parkway on Saturday, April 8, 2017. Those present were: Robin Preston, Patricia R. Wickman, Tinker Lammert, and Grant Logan. The meeting was called to order at 2:15 PM.

Item. Previous minutes having been reviewed and accepted, no further discussion was necessary.

Item: Treasurer Tinker Lammert reported that the Treasurer's Report recently has been circulated online and will be published here in the MenTally newsletter as well. The balance is healthy and the account balances.

Ongoing Business

Item: Treasurer Lammert reported that we have been notified by National that we have won a reward of $500.00 in the annual "Plus One" Testing drawing, based on our increase in the number of persons tested this year. LocSec Robin Preston commented that requests for testing remain steady.

Item: Grant Logan requested and received monies for a renewed supply of stamps.

Item: The May PigSIG will take place on May 17th, the third Wednesday of the month, as usual. See the Calendar for details on this and other great upcoming events.

New Business

Item: A discussion ensued concerning the problems currently being experienced by local groups, which have been occasioned by the disarray inside National headquarters. The personnel turnover is only one source of the problem. A change in computer systems seems to have been implemented so poorly that reports are not generated on time, the reports are insufficient, responses to problems and requests are not forthcoming, and the situation has been unnecessarily prolonged. Treasurer Lammert was so disheartened by the problems that she commented that, were she not a Life Member, she would give serious consideration to quitting. The situation seems particularly egregious, and TAM will continue to urge National to straighten out the situation before Mensa's reputation for intellect is damaged.

Item: A plan was discussed and accepted to have a TAM outing to beautiful Wakulla Springs State Park, that will include a boat ride and refreshments furnished by TAM. The event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, June 10th, beginning at 1:00 PM Details will be announced in the newsletter. All members are welcome.

Item: The next ExComm Meeting will take place on Saturday, July 15, 2017, at the Village Inn on Apalachee Parkway, at 1:00 PM. The meeting is open to all members and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Item: There being no further items, a Motion to adjourn was made at 2:45 PM by Tinker Lammert and seconded by Pat Wickman, and the Meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Patricia R. Wickman

Minutes of the Tallahassee Area ExComm Meeting, January 21, 2017

The meeting was called to order at 1:10. Present were Grant Logan, Carolyn Stimel, and Robin Preston, J.A. "Tinker" Lammert was not present due to illness.

Grant advised that the newsletter for national needs to be mailed separately by first class mail to avoid the additional charges of having a third tray at the post office for that single newsletter. He requested that he be reimbursed for the purchase of stamps for the editor to use for those types of needs. The request was approved.

The post office form had been sent to Robin, and she provided it to Grant. Discussion followed on the challenges of getting the labels for mailing the newsletter and the new method of delivering the monthly reports online. Carolyn noted she had not received any prospect lists for a while, and Robin explained the new process of going onto the national site to obtain the reports.

It was confirmed everyone had received the treasurer's report and all was well there.

The location of the dinner gathering in February was confirmed to be Seineyard in Woodville.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by Robin Preston, standing in for Pat Wickman.

Tallahassee Area Mensa RxComm Meeting
October 29, 2016, Village Inn Restaurant

The meeting was called to order at 1:22 PM. Present were Robin Preston, LocSec; Patricia Wickman, Asst. :LocSec/Secretary; J.A. Lammert, Treasurer; and Grant Logan.

Old Business.

  • The Minutes of the previous ExComm Meeting having been distributed digitally and accepted, they were approved
  • The Teasurer's Report for the Third Quarter of 2016 having been published in the newsletter, no changes were required, and the Report was accepted.

New Business.

  • Secty Pat Wickman invited Mensans to join her on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2016 at Railroad Square at 5:00 PM, where the Tallahassee Film Society would be showing the new documentary, Alligator Wrestler, on the life of James E. Billie, Chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Dr. Wickman, one of the interviewees in the film, would be available for Q&A afterwards.
  • The standard of testing that national Mensa uses to qualify prospective members will change on Nov. 1, 2016. The formerly used MAT will be replaced by the RAIT. If you or anyone you know has been tested before and failed to pass, you are now eligible to re-test using the new standard.
  • Dates for forthcoming events on the TAM calendar were set as follows. Please consult the official Calendar in the newsletter to confirm details.
    Movie Night: Dec. 17, 2016
    PigSIG, Wed, Dec, 21, 2016
    Special Event: Dec. 12, 2016.
    ExComm Meeting: Jan. 21, 2017

No other business being put forward, the meeting was adjourned by a Motion from Tinker Lammert and a Second from Pat Wickman, at 1:40 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,
Patricia R. Wickman, Ph.D.
Asst LocSec/Secretary

Minutes of the July 23, 2016 ExComm Meeting

In attendance were Robin Preston, J.A. "Tinker" Lammert, Grant Logan, and Thomas Thomas - Region 10 Regional Vice Chair
Absent was Pat Wickman due to illness

The meeting was delayed getting started due to not knowing if Pat would be able to attend or not, and the late arrival of Thomas Thomas. It was confirmed that a quorum was present as we had 2 of the 3 ExComm officers, so the meeting was able to proceed.

Meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m. In the absence of the Deputy LocSec, Robin took the minutes.

Grant introduced Thomas Thomas to Tinker and Robin.

The second quarter treasurer's report was reviewed, all is well with the treasury.

Dates, times, and locations were set for the August and September group outings and events, with the Capital Museum downtown on 8/6 beginning at 10; the PIG*SIG at Red Robin on 8/17 at 6:30; and the Bond Double Feature on 8/27 beginning at 3.

Due to the upcoming Labor Day Weekend, it was agreed to move the September group outing to the second Saturday of the month. The outing was set for the Goodwood Museum on 9/10, time to be announced. The Bond Double Feature was set for 9/17 at 3, and the September PIG*SIG was set for 9/21.

The next ExComm meeting will be held on 10/29.

Thomas Thomas asked if Robin had received the email that had just been sent out from the National office regarding the scholarship program. Robin advised she was still making her way through the hundreds of emails that had come in while she was out of state, but located the email on her phone. Included in the email was a list of regions and groups that had already volunteered to participate. Thomas pointed out that Region 10 was not represented and suggested Tallahassee Area Mensa should be involved. He advised the decision would need to be made quickly as the deadline was August 1. He indicated a scholarship chair needed to be appointed and a form filled out online by the LocSec identifying the person volunteering to be scholarship chair. The scholarship chair would be responsible for reading essays submitted by any student who wished to participate with the award being a $600 scholarship. Robin advised she did not have the time to take that on. Thomas indicated it could be spread out over several months and would not be a large time commitment. Robin reiterated that she did not have the time to take it on. Tinker volunteered to do it, reaffirming that it was just reading essays. Thomas confirmed this and said many essays would be eliminated quickly simply because of bad grammar or spelling and other such obvious issues. Robin went online immediately and filled out the form nominating Tinker for the scholarship chair position to get the process started.

There being no further business before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 2:15.

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