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Tallahassee Area Mensa - Calendar of Events

Every Monday night!
Games Night

7:00-? PM
Games Night is making a comeback as a regular weekly event at the home of Rondal (Jim) and Lynette Halter, Lynette will be hosting. Anyone is welcome, including well-behaved children who are old enough to participate. There are three cats in residence. There are usually between 4-8 people in attendance, but more can be accommodated with additional tables. Nominal start time is 7pm (sometimes people get there a bit earlier), and it ends between 9:30 - 11pm depending on people's schedule and when the games being played end. People can leave when they need to, no obligation to stay all evening. Munchkin is popular, as is Fluxx, as well as several different card games, a dominos game called Spinner, and others. Feel free to bring games for us to try. If someone wants to attend, you are welcome to just drop by, please call Lynette at 850-405-0246 for the address, to make sure the event is happening that night (sometimes things do come up and it has to be cancelled for the week), and any other information needed. In the way of refreshments, there is usually water, iced tea, ane various types of hot tea available, and sometimes will have other things as well. If someone wants to bring some goodies to share, it will be welcome, but this is not necessary.

February 10
LeMoyne Centre for the Visual Arts
11:30 a.m. to whenever
125 North Gadsden Street, Tallahassee, 850-222-8800
There is a $2 suggested donation for all non-members, children 12 and younger have free admission. We have never been to this museum before, so this will be a new experience for us. If you have never been and would like more information, you can find their web site here: Hope you can join us!

February 21 (3rd Wednesday)
6:30 - whenever
Little Italy Restaurant, 111-17 South Magnolia Drive (Winn-Dixie Plaza), Tallahassee, 850-878-7781
We have been here a few times and the food is always delicious. We have always been able to find enough seating together and enjoy a fun evening together. You can visit their web site here: Hope you can join us!

Saturday, February 24
The Matrix - movie event
3:00 - whenever
This month we will see the second installment of The Matrix movies, Matrix Reloaded. We will meet at 3:00 in the afternoon at 9757 Mahan Drive. Popcorn will be provided. Feel free to park anywhere you can fit your car in the driveway, the yard, or up on the road. If you need help or directions, call 850-443-1885. Feel free to bring your beverage of choice and any other snacks you wish to enjoy. Allergy notice - there are dogs and cats in residence. Take a Benadryl before you come if you need to, don't let a little sniffle keep you away from a fun afternoon!

Important Announcement!
We are planning a group-sponsored event for Saturday, March 10 in the early afternoon (around 1-2 p.m.). We will go to an escape room and solve clues to escape the scenario. They have several different plot lines from which to choose, and each room can accommodate up to 8 participants. If we have enough participants, we will reserve multiple rooms. What we need from you is to let us know which scenario you wish to do and the number of people in your party. This is an advance reservation event, so if you wish to participate, please go to this site: read through the different scenarios they offer, and contact Robin Preston to let her know which scenario you wish to attend, give both a first choice and a second choice, and the number of people who will attend. Members are free and may bring a guest. Again, this is an advance reservation event, so we will have to have a firm RSVP and head count in advance. Questions? Contact Robin Preston.

Happy Birthday February People!
David Burns 2/1
Barbara Cherry 2/12
Gary Stilwell 2/19
Carol Sutton 2/24

Happy Mensaversaries for February!
Dennis Alexander 1 year
Andrew Bailey 2 years
Mireille Fry 5 years
Michael Hasper 5 years
James Love 6 years
Peter Rosen 8 years
Robert Dodd 9 years
Tanya Runci 13 years
Max Epstein 16 years
Robin Preston 37 years

Past Events

The first gathering for The Matrix was great fun. There was a new popcorn to enjoy and an old movie to delight in. We had a great time!

The PIG*SIG at Pizza Hut was well attended and an enjoyable evening. The food was plentiful and the conversation was very entertaining.

The gathering at McClay was impacted by the very chilly temperatures of the day. But the two people who attended layered themselves well and said they had a nice time.

The PIG*SIG at Longhorn was a lesson in patience. We had to wait an hour for a table for 6, then had to wait a considerable amount of time for the food, which made for a very late dinner. Given the number of tables that were sitting empty and witing to be cleared so others could come in and have their meal was evidence that the place has a problem. The food was good, but I doubt we'll be returning anytime soon.

The last of the Lord of the Rings trilogy was a lovely Christmasy event. We enjoyed special treats along with the movie, which fortunately ended well.

The Festival of Lights was great fun! The weather was ideal, not too hot and not too cold, and the clouds that looked like they held rain opted out of dropping their contents on us. We got to watch candy canes being made, got free samples, heard a variety of bands, saw a variety of vendors, enjoyed some surprisingly delicious festival food, and watched the parade (after the last of the Jingle Bell runners/walkers/strollers finally cleared the road). Great time!

The November PIG*SIG at Ruby Tuesdays was well attended and we had the additional pleasure of meeting a new member. The food was great, as always, and it was a lovely evening.

The outing to St. Marks Wildlife Refuge could ont have been a more beautiful day and lovely time. We gathered near the lighthouse and strolled along the beach until we ran out of dry land. We saw countless fiddler crabs, jumping fish, pelicans, and a wide variety of shore and wading birds in great numbers. There was also still an abundance of butterflies migrating through. It was a beautiful day with a lovely walk and fabulous company.

The second gathering of the Fellowship of the Ring trilogy was a fun blend of movie and Halloween. Some of us were sporting costumes, there were extra treats available in honor of the holiday, and we had a grand time!

I was unable to attend the PIG*SIG at Cinco de Mayo due to a bout of the flu. But I am told it was well attended and folks had a good time. I was sorry to miss it, but not sorry to spare everyone the joys of that awful virus.

The Challenger Movie event was WONDERFUL!! We watched two IMAX movies, both in 3D, A Beautiful Planet and Museum Alive. We had private showings for both films, which added to the fun. From the unexpected song cue in the candy section of the gift shop, to the great snacks at the concession, to the fun employees, to the films themselves, it was a terrific outing!

The Fellowship of Rings provided the expected drama. One of our numbers had never seen the movies OR read the books! (*gasp*) We went through lots of popcorn, had lots of laughs, and left our players in precarious predicaments! Including one of our attendees whose car decided not to start. His problem was easily resolved. I hope our players' are all resolved as painlessly!

Attendance at the Seineyard PIG*SIG was great and, as has been the case whenever we visit, the food was delicious. It is definitely worth the short drive.

Attendance was lower for the final installation of The Hobbit movies due to people traveling for the eclipse. But those of us that were there enjoyed plentiful popcorn, a lot of laughs, and the good time these events have come to promise.

The PIG*SIG at the Olive Garden was well attended and the food was delicious and the conversation was wide and varied.

The trip to the Marianna Caverns happened on a lovely morning, a bit on the humid side, but not unbearably hot. Some of us enjoyed a hike on one of the trails, then we enjoyed a tour comprised solely of our group. I think the tour guide had as much fun as we did! After the cave tour, 9 of us gathered for lunch at a restaurant near the caves. The food was great, but the method of food delivery was one of the more unusual we had ever seen.

The second of The Hobbit movies was an enjoyable afternoon. In addition to the popcorn, we got to enjoy cookies. Smaug was as impressive as ever. Big dragon!

Our visit to Vertigo Burgers took place on the kids eat free night, so it was a bit crowded inside. We gathered at an outside table that was mostly in the shade and it wasn't unbearable. The food was good and having the gluten free options was appreciated. We got to enjoy the company of a member that has not been able to attend much, and it was wonderful seeing her!

The first of The Hobbit movies was great fun. One of the attendees had never seen it before, which made it even more fun to rediscover it with a newbie. Such a visual feast!!

The Fusion Grill turned out to be an astonishing amount of food from which to choose! A large group of us gathered around a long table and we enjoyed a wide variety of foods. It was a great evening!

The Wakulla Springs trip was well attended and a resounding success. Several members have suggested making it an annual event. It is such a beautiful place1

The PIG*SIG at Riccardo's was well attended and the food was very good. Parking was a bit of a challenge. The conversation was exceptionally fun and provided, for me at least, a much needed break from the stress of daily life.

The final Bond event did not disappoint. To commemorate the event, we had some special treats to eat and reveled in the final 2 installments of the Bond run. It was very enjoyable. We will resume in June with The Hobbit. This has really been a fun monthly event!

Dinner at The Sahara was well attended. It was our first time at their new location, which appears to improve both the parking and the amount of seating. The Lebanese sweet tea was as delicious as ever and a good time was had by all.

The tour of the new Grove Museum was very nice! We had a group of 5 of us and we wandered through each story of the house, all over the grounds, checked out the on-site cemetary the family has, and learned a lot about the various figures that have lived in the spot. It was a fascinating trip into the history of both Tallahassee and Florida.

The ExComm meeting was held at the Village Inn and the group reviewed the business before the board, made plans for upcoming events, enjoyed some delicious food, and in general had a fun and productive meeting. Look for the minutes elsewhere on the site.

The Bond movie event brought us the first two with Daniel Craig, and they really are a continuation of each other with the second one picking up pretty much where the first one left off. So for one of our members who had not seen the first one, but had seen the second, the second one made a lot more sense with seeing the back story. We are down to the final two and then on to something new!

The meal at Jason's Deli was well attended and we all got to enjoy a blinding and beautiful sun in the western sky. The food portions are generous enough that more than once of us had a meal for the next day!

The trip to the Junion Museum was delightful and the Asian small clawed otters were great fun. We got to see them eating crabs, sleeping, playing in the water, and generally doing what otters do. We also arrived at the farm house in time for cookies fresh out of the oven, they were delicious!! It was a lovely day.

The Bond movie night finished out the last of the series before the "reboot" to the Daniel Craig movies. To round out the older movies, we watched the original Casino Royale with David Niven. I am looking forward to the Daniel Craig movies!!

The PIG*SIG at the Seineyard was well attended and delicious. We wound up with more people than the table was prepared to accommodate! Bring on the extra chairs!!

The Bond movies was again an enjoyable afternoon of delightful silliness. We are winding down to the reboot of the series. Several of us noticed how the "feel" of the movies changed after Cubby's death. This has been an interesting excursion.

The ExComm managed to soldier on in spite of illness keeping people home on that blustery and eventually tornado-filled weekend. But the business of the day was accomplished in short order and we all got home safely.

The PIG*SIG at China First was well attended and very enjoyable. The conversation was as free-flowing as the food and we had a lovely evening.

The PIG*SIG at Pepper's was so well attended we had to add extra tables. The food was generous to the point of many of us needing take home boxes. In spite of several at the table in various stages of recovery from colds, it was a lovely evening.

The walk at MacClay Gardens brought us a brisk day, perfect for the event. The maple trees were putting on a beautiful show and the place was all decked out for the holidays. It was lovely.

The PIG*SIG at Ruby Tuesdays was well attended and we had the distinct pleasure of meeting a new member to our group.

The Bond double feature was the predictable good time, although the general consensus was that Never Say Never Again was worst of the movies seen thus far. It was interesting seeing Timothy Dalton's interpretation of the role after seeing the prior 3 actors do the role.

The walk at the Lake Lafayette Heritage Trail Park was nothing short of fabulous! The weather was perfect, the wildlife was abundant, and we were treated to a train going by under us as we walked over the covered bridge! It was absolutely delightful and I look forward to going again!

The ExComm meeting was held at the new Village Inn location on Park Avenue. On the downside, it was a game day and the place was packed and unbelievably loud! On the upside, we had a productive meeting and there was lots of good information to share.

The Bond double feature provided the predictable laughs and the campy silliness the movies present. Christopher Walken's villain was great fun.

The PIG*SIG at Genghis Grill was another very well attended event that required several tables be aligned to accommodate the number of people there. The conversation was fun, the food was delicious, and the variety of dishes (given that everyone gets to make their own) was impressive.

The National Testing Day was well represented locally with so many people coming in for the test we held two different sessions in one day!

The Tallahassee Car Museum event brought us a beautiful day and we took a liesurely stroll around the facility. There are more cars, pianos, dolls, knives, and all manner of other things than can easily be seen and appreciated in a couple of hours.

The PIG*SIG at Olive Garden found a group of 12 of us setting up around numerous tables all put together. We got to welcome a delightful new member and saw the return of some members we haven't seen very often recently. It was a marvelous evening and the conversation and laughter was plentiful. A truly exceptional dinner out.

The fifth installment of the Bond event was well attended and great fun! We set a new record for popcorn made and consumed and the movies were as entertaining and silly as we remembered - several of us saw them when they were originally released in the theater.

The tour of the Goodwood Museum and Gardens was a lovely outing! The weather was very nice for touring the grounds and looking into the various nooks and crannies of the various gardens. As the weather warmed we headed up to the main house where we were the only members of the 11:00 tour. This resulted in our getting a long tour, lots of extra attention, and many questions answered. We even got to meet the resident cat who lives on the grounds. All in all, a lovely time!

The fourth installment of the Bond Double Feature found us watching the lowest grossing film, followed by the one many people think is the best - and Roger Moore says was his favorite of the ones he did. A study in contrast.

The August PIG*SIG was held at the Red Robin, and the food was plentiful and delicious. It is far more than just a burger place, and everyone in attendance seemed pleased with the food as well as the company and conversation.

The August outing to the Old Capital Museum was a great time! We could not have asked for better weather and the museum itself was filled with fascinating things to look at and read. The man at the front desk told us a variety of fun facts to know and tell and it was a a really enjoyable outing. Afterwards we decided to have lunch at Crispers, making the outing even more fun!

A small crowd gathered for the Bond Double Feature, and it was a wonderful time! There were enough seats for all and we went through multiple bowls of popcorn (alternating white corn and yellow corn for taste comparison), and enjoyed chocolate chip cookies that one attendee brought (a great way to get others to consume the high calorie treats you bought for yourself and later regret!! They were delicious!!). The two movies sparked lots of fun comments and laughter, this has quickly become one of my favorite events and is a really entertaining way to spend a Saturday!

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