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Welcome to the home page of Tallahassee Area Mensa!

Tallahassee Area Mensa a local chapter of the High IQ Society, American Mensa. The Tallahassee area serves Florida from the Apalachicola River east through Taylor County including part of Madison County and even a bit of Dixie County. Our area is also the only area in all of Florida, Region 10 of American Mensa, to include a portion of Georgia. For a full view of the area we cover, visit our map.

Interested in joining Mensa? The only qualification for membership is a score at or above the 98th percentile on an approved IQ test. There are two different ways you can join. One is by submitting evidence of scores from any of a number of approved intelligence tests that you have already taken, or you can take the Mensa Admission Test. For more information about qualifying to join, visit the Join Mensa page.

Robin's Roost - rest your feathers!

Happy July! I hope whether you are cooking out, stay in, braving the crowds to watch fireworks, or opting to see them in the air conditioned comfort of your home on the TV screen, I hope you have an excellent and fun time!

I am embarking on an adventure. This month, for the first time in 6 years, I will be making the trek up to Michigan to visit my family. After Mom and Dad died, my yearly visits tapered off, then I had some health issues, then the pandemic hit, and suddenly 6 years without a visit had gone by. This summer is one of my sister's 70th birthday and they are doing a huge family gathering for it, so I decided it was worth the drive. It has been so long since I have taken a vacation, people at work are freaking out a bit, particularly when I said I would NOT be taking my work laptop or work phone. I reminded them this will be a taste of my rapidly approaching retirement. The drive, as always, will be grueling, it is about 20 hours each way. So I'll have 4 days in the car. Fortunately I found a pet-friendly hotel more-or-less halfway where we will stop on the way up and on the way back down. Two of my little dogs have never made this trip with me, it will be quite the adventure for them. And happily I have someone going with me to share the driving, which will make it a much better trip! I am looking forward to getting a break from the summer humidity here and having some relaxing time on the water with my siblings and extended family.

I have been feeding the birds here for well over 30 years and I am a well-established stop for both migrants and residents. I have baffles on all of the feeder poles to keep the squirrels from eating all of the bird seed, but I also have a few squirrel feeders outside so they have their own source of nourishment and are less inclined to try to go for the bird feeders. I have to bring the squirrel feeders in at night to keep the raccoons from eating all of the squirrel food (and no, I have not started intentionally feeding the raccoons! There is a limit to my domino of animal feeding habits). Every morning I put the squirrel feeders back out, and every evening I take them in. On the evenings I do not get home until after dark, the raccoons have already found and attacked them and I will find the jars on the ground, sometimes a good distance from the feeder. But with me going out of town this month, the squirrel feeders will not be reappearing in the morning and I wish I had a camera to watch the drama unfold as the squirrels find their now-accustomed food source does not reappear.

With the summer heat and humidity now firmly in place for the next couple of months, I realize outside get togethers are less appealing, and with two years of being inside all the time, the introverts among us are reluctant to venture back out into the world of social life. However, I am still hoping we can find activities to enjoy that will coax people back out of their homes for brief forays into the realm of Mensa friends. If you have any ideas or suggestions, I would welcome them!

Hope to see you soon, and safe travels for any who may be traveling.


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